Get your Hormones Checked

In office Lab work and Medical History $295

Decided if hormone therapy is right for you.

Once your results are in, your labs will be evaluated by our specialist. During this initial evaluation, which may be done in person or over the phone, you will find out what your levels and possible imbalances are and what they mean for you. After this 30 minute Initial Evaluation you will have all the knowledge needed to decide if hormone therapy is right for you.


You are a candidate and would like to start our program.


You decide that at this time, hormone therapy is not right for you. Copies of your lab work will be made available for you.

Schedule Comprehensive Evaluation.

Call to scheduled. One-time Initial Evaluation ($195) will be collected at this time.

Comprehensive Evaluation & Treatment Plan.

During this 1-hour appointment we will do a physical and give a more in-depth evaluation of your lab results. A customized treatment plan will also be created for you including prescription, supplementation and dietary recommendations. $199/mo. management agreement will be signed. Prescription products will be ordered.

Your products arrive!

In less than a week you will receive your prescription products. We highly recommend you bring them in for your first injection so that we can teach you how to inject.

Hormones For Men