Watch Trish’s Makeover! We will be updating this page as we go!

In October and November we accepted nominations to enter to win this giveaway. We are looking to find a person in our community that has been having a rough year and can really use the morale and confidence boost this makeover can provide. The nominees were narrowed down to three top candidates and for one week America got to vote right here on our webpage for who they think should win this makeover. On Nov 22nd, with 924 votes (50.03% of all votes), Trish was declared winner.

Our Next Makeover will be starting soon


Can you help us find our next Giveaway winner? We are looking to find someone that could really use the confidence and morale boost that this makeover will provide. Perhaps this person has had a rough year, maybe they or a loved one recently got diagnosed with an illness, maybe they recently lost their job or had a death of a loved one. Perhaps it’s that mother who never gets to do anything for herself. We want to make a significant positive boost in this person’s life. If you know someone, please forward them this page; maybe it’s you, please fill out and submit the eligibility form below. The deadline is August 2018.



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To be selected, nominees must be somewhat flexible for appointments during business hours on weekdays for approximately 6 to 8 weeks in November and December, 2017.

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