MIC/B12 Lipo-B 10ml


Lipo B is a mixture of compounds that may aid in the reduction of adipose tissue (fat). The mixture of compounds individually may be effective, however in combination they may exhibit more lipotropic activity than when administered alone in a synergistic fashion. Free Shipping.

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This Injection of this mixture of lipotropic compounds may be more effective than oral supplementation, this is due to the increased bioavailability of parenteral exposure.

These lipotropic agents are structurally and functionally closely related to the B-vitamins, or are involved in the homeostasis of energy production from fat. These compounds are often employed together in the hope of potentiating fat-loss, thus while the MIC mixture and B vitamin(s) are often injected separately, they are part of the same overall injection cycle. The non-vitamin compounds (MIC) that are injected into the body stimulate the liver into optimizing the process of metabolism, elevate the movement of and utilization of fat, and provide the needed metabolic environment of the body for a fatty acid (fat) mobilization and utilization.

Ingredients: Methionine 25mg, Choline 50mg, Inositol 50mg, Cyancobalamin(B12) 2mg per ml solution.


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