Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivity is the body’s unkind reaction to any food you eat that your system is unable to properly digest, resulting in all kinds of symptoms. You may never know if certain foods are problematic without specialized testing.

Micronutrient Testing

You may be well-fed, but substantially under-nourished. This very simple test is the only way to pinpoint any nutrient deficiencies that are keeping you from feeling 100%. Once you know, you can often fix symptoms yourself, nutritionally.

Get health

Most diseases in the body begin in the gut. Digestive disorders, leaky gut, stomach pains are all signs of a system out of whack, leading to  poor absorption of essential nutrients, inflammation and a compromised immune system.

Male hormones

As testosterone levels diminish with age, many male characteristics also disappear: stamina, muscle mass and a strong libido. In their place comes weight gain and weakness. Testosterone replacement is not only a simple fix, but a manhood revitalizer. You owe it to yourself to

female harmones

Hormone depletion is one of the reasons women gain weight as they age.  Female hormone testing is one way to either affirm or eliminate hormones as the source of weight gain. If affirmed, our hormone specialists can recommend steps you can take to rebalance hormones and regain your figure.

heavy metal

Environmental and occupational environments contribute to toxic levels of heavy metals in the body. Heavy metal poisoning can masquerade as a host of other ailments, so it may fly under the radar of conventional physicians. Getting tested is a sure way you can address otherwise unexplainable symptoms.