Ultimate Face Rejuvenation

Radiesse Filler + FREE Botox/Xeomin
($165 Value)

Dermal fillers are an excellent choice to lift and contour the volume that has been lost. RADIESSE® is an FDA-approved dermal filler proven to immediately restore volume loss and help restore a more youthful appearance and also promoting collagen reproduction with every use. RADIESSE® can be used to lift and contour lost volume in cheeks, rejuvenate and refresh “laugh lines”, and even restore a more youthful appearance to hands!

Purchase one syringe of Radiesse dermal filler at regular price and receive 15 units of Botox for FREE.
Not to be combined with any other offer, special, promotion or discount.
Regular price for a syringe of Radiesse is $695.
Purchase limited to only 3 syringes per person.
Purchase can be “banked” for later use, will never expire,
and can be scheduled at any time.

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Hormone Testing

Regularly $295, NOW ONLY, $245

Too often women and men go along in life feeling significantly less than optimal. They are always putting family and friends first and are usually the last in line to take care of themselves. They may start feeling more and more tired (especially the last half of the day). They deal with brain fog or bouts of depression and/or anxiety and weight gain. This special includes a full bloodwork panel plus a 15-minute basic lab review with our hormone medical practitioner to discuss your results.

It’s time for a change! It’s time to put yourself first and it’s time to get
answers and start feeling great again!

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Treat Underarm Sweat with Botox!

Regularly $1000, NOW ONLY $795
($165 Value)


While it’s known primarily for fighting those pesky wrinkles, you may not be aware that Botox can also provide lasting relief from another embarrassing condition: excessive underarm sweat.

This disorder can often cause difficulty in social situations and even significantly interfere with daily activities.

The first long-term study of Botox injections in the treatment of the common sweating disorder shows the injections can safely reduce underarm sweat and
lasts as long as 6-12 months!

Botox injections contain onabotulinumtoxinA (a natural protein) that temporarily block the chemical responsible for activating sweat glands under the arm. Studies show that patients who have been treated for excessive underarm sweating using Botox have an 82-87% decrease in underarm sweating.

What to expect?
Injections take about 10-15 minutes to administer and do not require any recovery time. During the treatment, small amounts of Botox will be injected just under the skin of your underarms. The procedure involves minimal to no pain and patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately. Intense exercise and saunas should be avoided in the first 24 hours.

Click here to see this treatment in action.

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10-Week ProvenStart
Weight Loss Challenge

Regularly $820, NOW ONLY $670

What better motivation to lose weight than a great deal?!
This deal locks you into 10 weeks of weight loss with Susan, our Weight Loss Coach.
Learn long-term tools for weight loss success to keep the weight off for good!

Your One-Time $670 Special Pricing Includes:

Initial Visit
$220 Value

Nutritional Guidance & Counseling
Weight Loss Blood Work Panel
EKG & Blood Pressure Analysis
Tanita Scale Weight & Body Composition
Physical Exam & Measurements
Fat Burning Vitamin Injection
Appetite Suppressants (Prescription or Natural)
New Client Guide

Unlimited access to our medical staff via phone, email or chat


It also includes:

10 Weekly Visits
Reduced to $45 per visit, Reg. $60 per visit

Nutritional Guidance & Progress Review
Tanita Scale Weigh-In
Fat Burning Vitamin Injection
Refill of Appetite-Suppressants (if applicable)
Online Access to your results.
Unlimited access to our medical staff via phone, email or chat


You must be a new weight loss patient to redeem this special. Access to this special must be paid in full in the month of August and can be redeemed at a later date. This special is non-refundable.


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Cornerstone Protein Powders
All sizes and flavors are 20% off!!

(Pick-Up available in Seminole and Palm Harbor locations)


Available in small and large, Chocolate or Vanilla, this protein powder packs a punch of nutrition and satisfies as a snack or meal replacement.
Cornerstone Protein Powders supply super-nutrition, safely delivering 100-450% of the RDA of vitamins and all 72 trace minerals.
It also offers the highest protein compared to other meal replacements. Combined with milk or blended with nutritious fruits and vegetables, Cornerstone Protein Powder provides 31 grams of protein per serving. It also has the highest ratio of protein to carbohydrates without having to resort to artificial sweeteners because it is an all-natural product.
This protein is a blend of whey, which has the best taste, consistency, and highest biological value of any protein powder, combined with pea protein to balance the amino acid profile.

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These specials are available during August only. Specials may be purchased in August and used at a later date. Not valid with any other special, promotion or discount.

One -Day-Only Special

$595 per injection area (Reg. $800)

Add-on additional areas for only $250 each




Seminole Location: 10am – 2pm
Palm Harbor: 3pm – 6pm

LivingYoung Center is pleased to offer Platelet- Rich Plasma Joint Therapy on select dates. Treatments will be performed by Dr. Bart Rademaker, MD.
We are also offering special pricing for LivingYoung clients only!


You Can Also Add on PRP Facial Rejuvenation Therapy
Only $250 (Reg. $450)


PRP is highly beneficial for increasing collagen production, skin tightening, connective tissue regeneration, and skin thickness rejuvenation. PRP for Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Therapy is ideal for any wrinkling or sagging in the eye area, chin, cheek, neck, or chest areas, and for the hands. PRP’s growth factors activate cells in the body to prepare for the healing and generation of new capillaries and collagen in the skin. By increasing one’s collagen production, results are compounded and improvements continue to occur over time as the body rebuilds its collagen supply.

CLICK HERE for more information on this amazing therapy!

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