When you lose, you win.


Losing weight is usually a solitary and personal undertaking, but not when you do it as part of a competition!  All it takes to have fun losing weight is to participate in the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge at LivingYoung with a group of 16 or more of your co-workers, fellow club members, friends, etc.  Our Challenge is modeled on the successful “Biggest Loser” TV show and our participants have just about as much fun as the show’s participants, oten with results just as astonishing.

Here’s how it works. Based on the number of participants, we create equally weighted teams of four or more people which compete against each other to become the biggest losing team.  All participants will be enrolled in our Medical Weight Loss program for the duration of the 10-week Challenge at a special discounted group rate.

All participants receive weekly emails with team standings and individual “biggest losers” as well as weight loss tips and recipes. At the end of the 10 week Challenge, we conduct an “awards ceremony” with prizes and recognition to our top losing teams and individual biggest loser. The competition generates comaraderie, friendly competition and accountability. Teamwork certainly plays a role in keeping people motivated and committed. Every time we run a Biggest Loser Challenge,  we are amazed at how much people can lose when they’re trying to win!

Contact us for more information on how your group can participate in LivingYoung’s Biggest Loser Challenge.