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Can Synapsin, a simple nasal spray, have a profound effect on your cognitive function? If I hadn’t tried it for myself, I would have thought it to be hocus pocus.

But for me, Synapsin nasal spray was a huge help in repairing my cognitive function. Back in the day, when I was a server, I could take a table of ten peoples’ order without having to write down a thing, not their drink, entree, soup or salad option and/or dressing type. My ability to remember things was top notch! It wasn’t until recently, in the past 2 years did I start seeing a significant decline in my ability to remember things, specifically my short-term recall memory. The decline happened quickly, so I knew it wasn’t just “part of getting older”. I knew something was wrong.

For years, without knowing, I had been living with a significant amount of mold in our home, specifically my bedroom. It was found throughout the AC ducts in our room and also in our ceiling from a roof leak. I’ve since remediated our room, replacing all furniture, flooring, duct work, AC unit and replaced our roof including most of my clothes. Most of the other symptoms resolved except my short term memory issue … it continued to linger long after the mold was removed. That’s when I discovered Synapsin. I read every single medical research article I could get my hands on and did my due diligence on a reputable compounding pharmacy that specializes in this product.

We are excited to now offer Synapsin to our patients! It’s the first product I’ve seen (and experienced myself) that can actually improve cognitive function. For patients suffering from memory impairment, foggy thinking, traumatic brain injury (TBI), chronic inflammation, executive burnout, or other neurologic conditions, toxic mold exposure, this very well can be an excellent option to improve overall cognitive function.

What Is Synapsin?

This supplement blend is a unique combination of ginseng, specifically the R-3 isomer of gensinoside (RG3) and nicotinamide riboside. These ingredients are compounded into a nasal spray formulation to improve the absorption and activity of the medication. The Nasal Spray also contains Vitamin B-12. All of these ingredients act to promote neural health in the brain.
Synapsin helps maintain healthy levels of NAD in human cells. Appropriate NAD synthesis is important in regulating cellular metabolism and longevity.

Who can use synapsin?

Because of its neuroprotective effects, regular use of Synapsin may benefit patients with memory impairment, foggy or sluggish thinking related to or stemming from:

• Aging
• Chronic Stress or Executive Burnout
• Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion
• Chronic infections, such as Lyme Disease
• Chronic illnesses
• Mold exposure, toxicity


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