HGH deficiency is a primary reason why women lose energy as they age. Having energy is something we take for granted until we don’t have enough of it. Trouble is, energy just sort of dribbles away over the course of a lifetime, and we don’t even realize it. Little by little, we stop turning cartwheels on the lawn, or driving to New Orleans on a whim, or staying out ’til the cows come home. Then, one day, we don’t even have the energy to get up off the couch to go to bed.

Where as the energy gone?

The body’s energy is fueled in large part by the pituitary gland which produces HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Again, it’s the same story … as we age, the pituitary slows down production creating a deficiency of HGH. That’s crucial, because HGH is the superstar among hormones. Singlehandedly, it is the driver behind many of the body’s physical, mental and sexual functions. HGH affects nearly every cell in the body where it stimulates the release of a few hundred growth factors, and helps other hormones do their jobs more efficiently. As HGH dwindles away, so does our energy. Not just our physical energy, but our mental and sexual energies as well.

Can HGH deficiency be reversed?

Deficiencies of other hormones may sometimes be to blame for loss of energy, but our experience here at LivingYoung Center usually places the blame squarely on HGH deficiency. Fortunately, it is possible to regain energy, interests and passions by taking Sermorelin, a product which stimulates the pituitary into producing more HGH.

The beauty of HGH Therapy with Sermorelin is that it is very customizable, allowing our physician to prescribe the exact dosage that will give you the results you seek.

Benefits of Sermorelin

Patients can expect to see 
• Increasing energy from fat breakdown
• Increases protein synthesis – increases lean muscle
• Increasing muscle mass through sarcomere hyperplasia (additional division of the contractile unit of a muscle)
• Decreases body fat and increases Lipolysis (fat burning)
• Strengthens immune system – reduces risk factors for age related diseases
• Strengthening of joints and connective tissue
• Increases bone density – Increases calcium retention
• Stimulates the growth of all internal organs to more a youthful state
• Improving cognitive abilities

Sermorelin(GHRH) is a bio-identical hormone that has recently been genetically engineered to stimulate the secretion of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) from the hypothalamus, a gland adjacent to the pituitary gland.

Sermorelin therapy has many health benefits

There are many benefits to restoring your normal HGH production levels. The decline in human growth hormone levels is associated with several aging symptoms such as a lower energy level, lower libido, decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, a slower metabolism, skin aging signs, and more. These symptoms can be treated with Sermorelin therapy, and some of the health benefits are seen more quickly than others. For instance, it may take a while before skin wrinkling and tone improves, but energy levels and libido can often improve much sooner than this. It also can take several weeks before patients start to see weight loss or improved muscle mass, but the effect does occur for a large number of patients. The changes in body composition can be substantial even if you don’t exercise, but if you do exercise you will get the most out of the treatment and may see very fast results.

Sermorelin improves your exercise performance

One of the most beneficial Sermorelin results is that it can greatly improve your exercise performance and help you recover more quickly and put on muscle faster than before. As you age, your exercise recovery starts to diminish, and you may not be able to perform as much exercise as you were able to when you were younger. Sermorelin can restore your HGH levels so that exercise is easier and so that you have more energy to get through more strenuous workouts. It can take longer for the treatment to improve exercise performance, but the effect does occur, and it can usually be seen within three to six months after starting the treatment. You will also notice that your body fat will start to decrease even without working out at all.

Sermorelin increases muscle strength and changes body composition

Your body composition gets more and more difficult to change as you start to age. This occurs partially as the result of a lower HGH production, as well as the long term effects of carrying excess fat, which can change your body’s chemistry and metabolism and make it more difficult to lose weight. Sermorelin can help you lose weight by improving fat metabolism. When your body produces HGH, it starts burning adipose tissue for energy, and the treatment can improve a slow metabolism. Several studies have found a correlation between increased HGH production and the burning of visceral fat and abnormal fat, and patients who are exercising while taking Sermorelin see a much faster gain in muscle mass than they would without the therapy. The changes in body composition occur more gradually without exercise, and with regular exercise they can be dramatic and occur within a matter of weeks.

It can improve your heart health and bone mineral density

There are some studies that suggest that a human growth hormone deficiency is associated with a higher risk of heart disorders, and Sermorelin may help protect against heart diseases and cardiovascular problems by restoring normal HGH levels. For example, supplementation with HGH has proven to be effective at improving symptoms for patients who are suffering from congestive heart failure. Many patients who develop heart disease and other heart disorders also suffer from a decline in HGH production which can be corrected with Sermorelin therapy. Another major health benefit of the treatment is that bone density can increase back to youthful levels, and this is very important for preventing debilitating injuries as a person ages along with bone and joint disorders.

Sermorelin can improve your mood and libido

A decline in HGH is often associated with mood disorders and a low libido, because lower hormone levels can be associated with decreased energy levels. Restoring normal human growth hormone levels can provide a boost in energy and improve mood, and this can be helpful for treating mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Also, a decreased libido is often associated with a human growth hormone decline, and is also associated with a decline in testosterone and estrogen production, but restoring normal HGH levels has been shown to improve libido for both men and women. Patients also often experience an overall general feeling of well-being as the result of the treatment, even for patients who do not have any mood disorders or a low libido. The effects with improved libido and a higher energy level will vary from one patient to another, and these effects sometimes take several months before they are seen.

Sermorelin is best taken for several months at a time for the best results

You may see some of the quicker results mentioned above within a few weeks of time, but to see real results with the therapy you need  to continue it for at least three to six months or longer. There is no reason why you can’t try Sermorelin for up to twelve months or even longer, because it is a safe treatment and there is no indication that there are any long term health effects from it. To see some of the results like improved skin quality, a more youthful body composition, higher bone density, improved sleep quality and more, you may need to use the therapy for a long period of time, but after you have used it for several months in a row, the higher level of HGH production often maintains itself and you may be able to stop the therapy for a period of time.

Be sure to only use a treatment program that tests your hormone levels prior to starting

First, before you start the treatment, your hormone levels should be measured by a licensed medical provider. In general, you should avoid any hormone therapy program that is not administered by licensed medical doctors because of the potential of serious medical mistakes. The treatment should never be self-administered because the dosage needs to be carefully selected, and there are important considerations for some patients who may not be able to safely try the treatment. The appropriate dosage for Sermorelin can only be known once your hormone deficiency level is known. Any treatment programs that neglect this important step should be avoided, as it is crucial to perform this test at the start of treatment. Also, you need to be able to consult with a medical provider to ask questions about the treatment, and your medical history needs to be reviewed prior to starting it as well. If you have any questions about the effects of Sermorelin therapy and how the treatment can benefit you and protect your body from aging, contact a medical provider at Nu Image Medical today.