Hormone Testing for Women


Too often women go along in life feeling significantly less than optimal. They are always putting family and friends first and are usually the last in line to take care of themselves. They may start feeling more and more tired (especially the last half of the day). They deal with brain fog or bouts of depression and/or anxiety. If they are lucky, their hot flashes and night sweats and mood swings aren’t too bad.

It’s time for a change! It’s time to put yourself first and it’s time to get
answers and start feeling great again!

Step 1: Know your numbers

Many women don’t realize that hormones play such a huge role in so many aspects of how they feel and that a simple blood test can actually give them answers to why they feel the way they feel.

At LivingYoung Center we make it easy to know your numbers. An in-office blood draw is all that is required to get tremendous insight about your health. Call today and ask to schedule a Comprehensive Female Panel.

Step 2: Find out what your numbers mean

Once your results are in, your labs will be evaluated by our specialist. During this initial evaluation, which may be done in person or over the phone, you will find out what your levels and possible imbalances are and what they mean for you. After this 30 minute Initial Evaluation you will have all the knowledge needed to decide if hormone therapy is right for you.


Hormones & your health; what you need to know

Common Questions

The cost of the full Comprehensive Female Hormone Panel is $295. Because we do so much blood work in our office we are able to negotiate excellent pricing from our specialty lab and we pass those savings on to you. This same panel done outside our office can range from $2,900-$3,400.
Often patients will ask if their insurance will cover these tests and the answer can depend. As a patient you would need to contact your insurance company to see what may be covered. We do not take or process insurance, so it would be up to you to submit for reimbursement. Often patients, after doing research, find it actually less expensive (after co-pays, etc.) to pay directly for the panel.

The Initial Evaluation to go over the basics of your results and to discuss if you are a candidate for Hormone therapy is currently included in the $295 lab work fee.

If you have already had your blood work done and evaluated and wish to start up on our Female Hormone Therapy Program, getting started is easy.

Step 1: Call and schedule a Comprehensive Evaluation with our specialist. During this 1-hour Comprehensive Evaluation we are going to get to know you in much more detail. We will do a physical, a Tanita body composition, vitals and and dive deeper into your medical history and lab work. From here we will create a customized treatment plan just for you including prescribing Bio-Identical hormones and based on your lab work, make other lifestyle recommendations such as diet and supplementation.  The cost for this one-time Comprehensive Evaluation is $200.00. This fee is collected at time of scheduling this appointment as our specialist will already be working on your treatment plan prior to you arriving.

The monthly cost will depend on what Bio-Identical hormones or wellness products that are prescribed to you. Monthly therapy cost including products can range from $95 – $300/mo.

How you feel after getting to feel your yourself again…Priceless. Just ask our current patients.