Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Reclaim your mind and body at the molecular level.

Have you been feeling less like “yourself” these last few months, or even years? Do you find it increasingly difficult to control your moods and emotions, as if something has changed inside of you? Or do you feel disturbed, restless, and pained for reasons you don’t understand? 

You might be suffering from abnormal hormonal imbalances, and you wouldn’t be alone: many women experience hormone issues, with some reporting them as early as in their 30s. So much of how we feel, physically and emotionally, is determined by the natural hormone levels in our body. 

And as women age, we become increasingly susceptible to hormonal issues, with the various stages of menopause (before and after) that we experience. These lead to a number of emotional and physical issues that can range from slightly uncomfortable to severely unbearable.

At LivingYoung Center, we have helped thousands of women with their hormone imbalances with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Reclaim your mind and body today, and feel the way you used to feel, if not better.

BHRT Can Help You With

Hot Flashes | Night Sweats | Mood Changes | Memory Loss | Weight Gain | Sleep Issues | Low Libido | Pain During Sex | Diabetes Risk | Cataracts | Brain Fog | Tooth Loss | Skin Dehydration | Skin Thinness | Wrinkles | Migraines | Insomnia

Traditional VS Bio-Identical

Traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy has been around for decades, but it falls short when compared to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Traditional Bio-Identical
Traditional HRT is made of synthetic, mass-produced hormones which can lead to a variety of unwanted side effects in certain individuals. They match a general range to serve the most number of people Bio-Identical HRT never creates unwanted side effects because it matches with a person at the molecular level, meaning the hormones are identical with your body at the molecular level
Traditional HRT leads to certain long-term risks with the brain, heart, bones, and other parts of the body when creating hormone changes (traditional HRT has been linked with breast cancer and heart disease) Bio-Identical HRT is much more easily accepted by the body, meaning the long-term risks of traditional HRT are completely absent. BHRT has actually been found to possibly decrease the risk of heart disease and breast cancer
Traditional HRT is less accurate with the dosage because it’s not as carefully personalized for each individual Bio-Identical HRT offers an incredibly steady dosage, with dosages made to respond to the individual’s fluctuating hormone levels

The 2-Step LivingYoung Center Process

Step 1: Bloodwork

Your BHRT journey begins with a simple blood test. This gives our doctors the opportunity to understand your hormone levels and discover the root of your issues, and whether or not they can be solved with BHRT.

Our in-office blood draw is quick and convenient, and gives us all the insight we need on your health and hormone levels. Schedule your appointment and let us begin evaluating your health needs today.

Step 2: Evaluation

Once your results are in, our practitioners will inform you immediately as to whether or not BHRT is the right treatment for you. An in-office evaluation is scheduled to gather more insight on your health condition, with a physical exam, Tanita body composition analysis, and a dive into your medical history and lab work.

From here, our team will customize a treatment plan that fits you and you alone, with personalized bio-identical hormones made for your hormone replacement treatments. We will also work with you to adjust your lifestyle and diet to best achieve your goals.

Why We Use BioTE Hormone Pellets

Hormone therapy can be administered through a variety of delivery methods, including pills, injections, gels, patches, creams, and pellets. At LivingYoung Center, we use the BioTE Hormone Pellets for all of our BHRT patients. This is the ideal and preferred delivery method for a number of reasons:

1) Easy To Use

Pellet implant is the easiest and simplest method, with no chance for error. Never worry about taking a pill or applying a cream again. We simply implant a hormone pellet 2-4 times a year

2) Steady Dosage

Consistency and predictability are key to proper hormone replacement therapy. Pellet implants ensure that you always receive the dosage you need, as 1-2 forgotten pills could ruin your entire treatment, while injections are too “top-heavy” in application

3) Greater Adherence

The fool-proof pellet system means it has the highest success rate for hormone replacement therapy. You always get the hormone dosage you need, every single day, with no variations due to forgotten pills, missing patches, or too much cream

4) Absolute Safety, For You And Those Around You

Creams and gels can rub off on your pets or children, possibly leading to serious health issues. Pellets stay internally in your system at all times, meaning you never run the risk of hurting those around you

Get the Most Out of Your Hormone Treatment With LivingYoung Center

At LivingYoung Center, we pride ourselves on being the preferred destination for women searching for reliable and professional Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. With our team, you will experience hormone replacement therapy that:

  • Tackles the root cause of your symptoms, addressing the hormone imbalance causing the many emotional, psychological, and physical issues you may be experiencing
  • Is curated for your exact hormone needs at the molecular level, tailored to optimize your hormone levels so you can feel better than ever before
  • Follows your recovery as a journey, with slight trial and error adjustments made if necessary to ensure you get the most out of your BHRT
  • Can be done quickly and easily, with little to no preparation required and pellet insertion done in just 15 minutes or less
  • Requires no elaborate after-care or recovery time, allowing you to get back to your daily life immediately

You deserve to feel like you again. Contact us today to schedule your Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Hormones & Your Health: What You Need to Know

Common Questions


The cost of the full Comprehensive Female Hormone Panel if done in-office is $295. Because we do so much blood work in our office we are able to negotiate excellent pricing from our specialty lab and we pass those savings on to you. This same panel done outside our office can range from $2,900-$3,400.
Often patients will ask if their insurance will cover these tests and the answer can depend. As a patient you would need to contact your insurance company to see what may be covered. We do not take or process insurance, so it would be up to you to submit for reimbursement. Often patients, after doing research, find it actually less expensive (after co-pays, etc.) to pay directly for the panel.

Office Visits

The cost for the initial comprehensive evaluation is $200.00. This fee is collected at time of scheduling this appointment as our specialist will already be working on your treatment plan prior to you arriving.


The monthly cost of medications will depend on what bio-identical hormones and supplements are prescribed to you.

Hormone pellets are $400 for women, which last several months.

Creams, pills, patches, and troches are also available. For patients who opt for these therapies, there is a $95 monthly fee, which includes all of your follow-up visits, monthly monitoring, discount pricing on blood work, wholesale pricing on medications through our compounding pharmacy, and 2 vitamin B12 injections per month. ****This fee does not apply to patients on pellet therapy.

How you feel after getting to feel your yourself again…Priceless. Just ask our current patients.  

Pellets are compounded estradiol or testosterone that are made from organic plant materials, which have the exact molecular structure of those hormones found in the body. They are pressed into a solid compound that is about the size of a cooked grain of rice. Using a painless office procedure, they are inserted under the skin in the hip area. The pellets release small amounts of hormone directly into the bloodstream similar to that which the ovaries produced during our younger adult years.

At Living Young Center, we utilize the BioTE® method for optimizing hormones. BioTE® Medical is the world leader in hormone optimization. You can be assured that you will receive bio-identical hormone pellets of the utmost quality as well as treatment by a certified BioTE® provider. Certified BioTE® providers have performed over 1.7 million pellet insertions, which means this is a proven, effective method used across the world.

Unlike pills and creams, which produce “roller coaster” hormone levels, resulting in mood and energy fluctuations for the patient, BioTE®  Hormone Pellet Therapy is the only method of hormone therapy that provides sustained hormone levels throughout the day, for several months, without any “roller coaster” effect.

Because the hormones used are completely natural, BioTE® Medical Hormone Pellet Therapy is ideal for patients wanting the benefits of a natural hormone, without the drawbacks of a synthetic.