Rosetta Hall

Winner of our 2019 $5000 Makeover Giveaway!

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$5000 Makeover

About our $5000 Makeover Giveaway

We LOVE to give back to the community and this is just one of the many things we do to do just that! & this isn’t just a quick-fix one-day makeover! The winner will receive a variety of FREE treatments (valued at $5000) at LivingYoung Center and our associated affiliates over a 12-week period. We are specifically looking for a woman or man in our community that could really use the confidence and morale boost this makeover can provide. 


Meet Trish, our 2018 Makeover Winner

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The ideal candidate..

The ideal candidate we are looking to help is someone in our community that may be having a tough time/year, maybe they recently got a new diagnosis, lost a job or simply can’t seem to catch a break. Maybe it’s the mom or dad who always puts themselves last and never does anything for themselves. Is it you? Or does someone special come to mind that you think is deserving of this opportunity? Stay tuned for our 2020 dates, TBD.

Details about this makeover

There is no purchase necessary to enter this makeover. The deadline for submitting Entry Forms is on Friday, August 30th at midnight. The top 3 candidates will then be chosen from an outside unbiased panel based on the content from the entry forms that are submitted. We will notify the top 3 candidates at or before 2pm on Friday, September 6th. A picture of each candidate and the “why you deserve to win” portion of their entry form will be added on our website page. On Monday, September 9th at 9:00am, the polls open and America can vote who they feel deserves to be the winner of our next $5000 Makeover Giveaway. For 4 days the polls will be open for voting. On Thursday, September 12th at 5pm, the polls close and the candidate with the most votes win. Only one vote per person is allowed.

2019 Makeover Timeline

→ Deadline for Eligibility Forms: Friday, August 30th at Midnight ←
Top 3 Candidates will be notified before 2pm on Friday, September 6th
Voting for the top candidate starts: Monday, September 9th at 9:00am
Voting for the top candidate ends: Thursday, September 12th 5:00pm
Makeover Begins: September 13th

$5000 Makeover Entry Form


Entry for our 2019 Makeover has ended! 

*** Stay tuned for our 2020 $5000 Makover Dates ***

Contact Information


To be selected, nominees must be somewhat flexible for appointments during business hours on weekdays for approximately 8 to 12 weeks mid September thru November 2019.

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