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$5000 Makeover

About our $5,000 Makeover Giveaway

Once a year or so, we at LivingYoung Center solicit nominations for people to enter our $5,000 Makeover Giveaway. Most times, friends or family members will nominate someone they know who has been going through a rough patch. It’s even okay to nominate oneself. The prize is $5,000 worth of aesthetic and health-improving treatments spread over several weeks. Our aim is to provide someone who really needs a confidence and morale boost with some serious attention and seriously enhancing results.

This Makeover Giveaway is not a quick-fix, one-day makeover. The winner receives a variety of completely free treatments at LivingYoung Center and our affiliated associates over a 3-month period. Check out what treatments are included in our story about Trish, a recent winner.

We love doing these makeovers because we love seeing the transformation that occurs for our makeover winners. It’s one of the ways we give back to the community which has supported us since we opened our doors in 2007.

Although our 2020 Makeover Giveaway didn’t occur due to Covid-19,  we’re already planning for 2021. This page will be updated soon with all the dates and details. In the meantime, start thinking about who you’d like to nominate!

Meet Trish, a recent Makeover Winner

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The ideal candidate..

The ideal candidate we are looking to help is someone in our community who may be having a tough time/year. Maybe they recently got a new diagnosis, lost a job or simply can’t seem to catch a break. Maybe it’s the mom or dad who always puts themselves last and never does anything for themselves. Is it you? Or does someone special come to mind that you think is deserving of this opportunity? Stay tuned for our 2021 dates, TBD.

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Details about our 2021 Makeover Giveaway coming soon! 

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To be selected, nominees must be somewhat flexible for appointments during business hours on weekdays for approximately 8 to 12 weeks.

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