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Look Alert and Youthful

Your upper eyelids can droop down for numerous reasons, such as age-related changes, acquired ptosis, and other factors. Drooping eyelids can make you look old, tired, and exhausted and potentially reduce your visibility. Living Young Center offers Upneeq as a prescription medicine that can lift your upper eyelids, making you look more alert and youthful. Schedule a consultation to explore your Upneeq eyelid lift options today.

What Is Upneeq Eyelid Lift?

Upneeq eyelid lift is a non-invasive treatment performed using Upneeq (oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution), the world’s first and only FDA-approved eyedrops for blepharoptosis, i.e., low-lying lids. One daily dose of Upneeq can lift your upper eyelids and open your eyes, making you look alert and revitalized. This is an ongoing treatment, so you have to take one dose every day.

Upneeq Treats Acquired Ptosis

Upneeq is a prescription medication for acquired blepharoptosis, acquired ptosis, or low-lying lids. If your upper eyelids droop down because of age-related changes or congenital conditions, you are suitable for an Upneeq eyelid lift. This treatment can lift your upper eyelids and improve your vision.

How Does Upneeq Eyelid Lift Work?

Upneeq is a prescription medicine consisting of oxymetazoline hydrochloride, an FDA-approved vasoconstrictor that induces muscle contractions. One drop of Upneeq on the eyes contracts the Müller’s muscle, which instantly opens up the eyelids. The results last for up to 6 hours.

Upneeq Eyelid Lift: Benefits

  • Non-invasive solution to low-lying lids
  • No pain or discomfort during or after treatment
  • Only mild side effects
  • Instantly lift the upper eyelids
  • Only one drop for optimal results
  • Improve overall confidence
  • Improve visibility
  • No downtime

Upneeq Eyelid Lift: Treatment

Upneeq eyelid lift is a simple treatment that involves a daily dose of FDA-approved prescription eyedrops. During your consultation, our medical providers will carefully examine your eyelids and eyes to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for an Upneeq eyelid lift. If you have acquired ptosis, the medical provider will preserve the Upneed eyedrops, which you must take once a day, as recommended.

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Upneeq Eyelid Lift: Side Effects

Upneeq eyelid lift may cause mild eye redness, blurred vision, irritation, and inflammation for a few minutes or hours. There are no major complications — it’s completely safe.

Upneeq Eyelid Lift: Results & Longevity

Upneeq eyelid lift produces instant results. Your upper eyelids will be lifted within 5 minutes, and the results will continue improving for 15 minutes. The final results last for 6 to 10 hours, so you should carefully time the application to make it last throughout the day. Please don’t take another dose the same day — only one dose per day.

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Living Young Center is a luxurious medical spa specializing in non-invasive anti-aging treatments. We offer the unique Upneeq eyelid lift to patients who want to reverse the symptoms of low-lying lids without resorting to injections or surgeries. One dose of Upneeq per day allows you to maintain youthful and alert eyes. Please schedule a consultation to explore your Upneeq eyelid lift options in Seminole, Palm Harbor, or St. Petersburg.

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