Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen

The Multiple Autoimmune reactivity test is an effective way to assess possible tissue damage to multiple organs of the body and will help you assess predictive antibodies. Elevated numbers of antibodies, known as Predictive Antibodies, are measurable up to ten years before the clinical onset of the disease. Identification of pathogenesis at this stage allows for the possible arrest or even reversal of disease progression. 

“This is the most comprehensive analysis to measure predictive antibodies, some of which can appear up to ten years before the clinical onset of disease”.

-Katie Kaffai

This is a good test for anyone with unexplained symptoms and also for those who wants to be proactive and stay healthy. It is also important for people with a diagnosed autoimmune disease because the biggest risk factor for getting an autoimmune disease is having one already; when your immune system loses tolerance for one tissue in your body, it is more likely to start attacking other tissues, as well.

The Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen measures auto-antibodies against 24 different tissue “targets”. Elevated levels of any of these antibodies are associated with increased risk of developing (or having) one or more autoimmune diseases.

This test measures antibodies that can damage the following tissues:

Gastrointestinal tract
Endocrine system
Reproductive system
Musculoskeletal system
Cardiovascular system
Nervous system

We know that autoimmune diseases don’t typically develop over night – usually it takes years. Auto-antibodies are immune system proteins that target tissues for destruction. These antibodies can be measured in the blood before people have symptoms; they can be detected years before autoimmune disease is clinically diagnosed. For example, one of the measurements are “ASCA + ANCA”, is strongly predictive of developing Crohn’s disease within the next three years – if nothing is done. But something can be done and we can help.

Step one is getting tested. Know your numbers. If the results come back with elevated antibodies we can work with you to get to the bottom of why, what is the root cause! Is your toxic burden excessive? If so, from what? Is it lifestyle? Something you are eating? Do you have a leaky gut? Are you genetically predisposed?

Below is an example of what the results may look like.