Welcome to the voting page for our $5000 Makeover Giveaway. Over the past 4 weeks we accepted nominations to enter to win this giveaway. We are looking to find a person in our community that has been having a rough year and can really use the morale and confidence boost this makeover can provide.

The Poll has been ended and Trish M got a total of 925 votes which is 50.03 of all votes.

Congratulations Trish, you are the winner of the  $5000 Makeover Giveaway 2017.

This poll has ended (since 3 years).

Here are the results

  Trish M: I am very humbled that my dear friend nominated me for this makeover. She (Michelle) has been thru a cancer diagnosis herself and was there for me every step of the way, providing encouragement and support. I just turned 48 and as you can see, my skin texture is not great, the fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles are pretty bad. I still have good days and bad after treating for stage 3 melanoma diagnosed Jan 2016. I treated for a year, ending May 19, 2017.
The treatment was immunotherapy following a lymph node dissection.
Unfortunately, the treatments/surgery to eliminate the cancer came with side effects including , lymphedema, hypothyroid (weight gain) and adrenal insufficiency. I believe the services offered by Living Well could give me back energy, self confidence and the youthful appearance that I had not long ago.
I'm a single Mom of 2 boys and affording these services are not an option, at this time,. I went through a divorce (after 23 years) in 2014. I am self employed and still recovering financially from my medical expenses. and downtime while recovering.
My eyesight is getting worse each day, and I'm at work so I must keep this short. Running out for stronger readers! Words can't express my gratitude for being nominated and considered for this contest.
Trish M.
Michelle L: My career is helping seniors to age in place. Our mission statement is to "Change the way the world ages". I have made this leap of faith to enter this contest complete with a make up free head shot...to do just that...change the way I AM aging!
My passion is to serve others both professionally as well as personally. The stresses of life focused on others has left me asking, "who is that haggared woman in the mirror?!" I had great results when I was previously a client at Living Young Seminole...the team here is amazing, supportive and make challenges less taxing.
When several major personal and financial "hits" and "life" happened earlier this year, the first thing to go was the "luxury" of my health and weekly visits to Living Young Seminole for my much needed coaching and support. I know that getting back to a healthy me would help me to regain my confidence and esteem. Rather than focusing on my personal needs I have been laser focused on my career and spend my remaining time volunteering and helping others with their needs. My outward appearance does not reflect what is in my soul. I believe that a makeover is the jump start this old gal needs to be authentically living my mission to "change the way the world ages" starting with ME and to focus on being the best me possible. I want my outside to match my inside. I miss Me!
Thank you for even considering my reaching out for much needed help. This is wayy outside my comfort zone to be asking for help rather than offering. The best IS yet to come...I Believe!  

Michelle L
Cecelia M: First of all, it is a privilege and honor to be nominated for the Living Young Makeover competition in 2017.  I have always been a hard worker and was the sole support of my family for many years. I worked a lot of hours and gave whatever it took to allow my two sons to grow into the wonderful young men they are today.
I am also almost a ten year cancer survivor from nodular melanoma. I will admit I was shocked with my diagnosis since I had never heard of nodular melanoma. I thought I knew my skin cancers since I have dealt with issues with my skin for years and have been getting treated for sun damage for more than thirty years.  I was warned by my grandmother as a child, that I would get skin cancer someday from getting many burns while enjoying the beaches here as a teenager. Little did I know, she was right and more than once. My nodular melanoma surgery left me with what I call a "shark bite" out of my right knee that I was very self conscious of for several years after my surgery. You wouldn't find me in a bathing suit or even shorts for that matter. I have overcome most of that insecurity now, eight years later but I can't stress the importance to all to keep a close eye on their skin and don't delay getting treatment.
This Living Young makeover would improve my self esteem and give me a boost to accomplish a new healthy lifestyle. Better eating habits and an exercise routine are detrimental in leading to a longer and more enjoyable future in many ways. It is time to focus on myself so I can continue to enjoy my family and be an advocate for others with skin related concerns.
Cecelia M.