Bellafill Birthday Special

$850.00 $725.00

Save $125 off Bellafill dermal filler during your Birthday month (regularly $850/syringe). This is our popular filler that lasts up to 5 years! Many patients that have used Radiesse or Juvederm Voluma in the past and love the results often will switch to this longer lasting filler.

This filler comes in a 0.8cc syringe whereas, Radiesse is sold in a 1.5cc syringe. So if you are used to getting 1 syringe of Radiesse, you will want to get 2 syringes of Bellafill (to get the same amount of correction). Don’t worry though, you can lock in this Birthday special and save $125 off every single syringe (up to 6 syringes).



The collagen in BellafillĀ® provides immediate volume and lift for results that you can enjoy as soon as you leave the office. Over time, the collagen is reabsorbed while the PMMA microspheres are left behind. They create a supportive base that allows more of your own collagen to develop, resulting in smoother-looking skin in the long term. To learn more about Bellafill, click HERE


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