Biostimulatory Chest or Arm Rejuvenation Treatment


Biostimulatory body treatments is a new, surgical-free option to significantly improve the appearance of loose, crepy skin in many areas of the body. It often takes 2 treatments (scheduled 1 month apart) to get the best results, as strengthening your skin’s foundation and creating new collagen takes time. Once the effects take hold, however, the results are amazing and normally last over two years.



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Arm Treatment

Thanks to time and gravity, the upper arm’s visible signs of aging – loss of tone, elasticity, and undesirable flaccidity — are impossible to correct with exercise alone. Radiesse Body can improve these concerns by restoring lost volume (instant results) and by stimulating collagen and elastin production (long-lasting benefits) resulting in smoother, younger-looking arms.

Chest Treatment

Chest/Decolletage: Crepey, thin skin, vertical lines (especially worse in the morning if you are a side-sleeper) and sun damage are especially common on the chest. Plus the decolletage is one of the most difficult areas to stimulate collagen production on. Well, not anymore! Radiesse Body can improve skin elasticity, texture AND allow you to get back into your V-neck tees in no time.