Hormone Testing

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Comprehensive Hormone Panel
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Find out if decreased or unbalanced hormones are the source of your weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, loss or sex drive and other symptoms. “Know your numbers” with this detailed, comprehensive blood test that looks deep into what your hormones are doing. This bloodwork also includes a free 15min evaluation of your results with our specializing medical practitioner. Discover if Hormone Replacement Therapy may benefit you. Both Female and Male Hormone Panels available.

Bloodwork must be done at one of our convenient locations, Seminole or Palm Harbor.




Aging is a process. It’s a process of getting grayer, getting fatter, getting more tired, and for women … feeling less feminine as wrinkles develop, bones weaken, hair grows in unwanted places, and sex becomes a distant memory.

All these changes occur because the body’s hormones are always in the process of diminishing.

The body’s production of hormones naturally decreases with age. Decreased hormone production – not birthdays – is what causes so many to look, act and feel “old” long before they actually are.


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