Lip Filler Treatment


Lip Filler Treatment

Our Lip Filler Treatments do an excellent job at adding plumpness to your lips. The key point of difference between the products is the way in which they are utilized for achieving specific goals for a patient. During your appointment with us, we will help you decide which filler is most suitable for your desired goals.


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Lip injections have numerous benefits and are highly recommended for those who struggle with wrinkles and fine lines in the mouth area, have thin and poorly shaped lips or desire fuller lips and a better smile in general.

Some of the key benefits of lip injections include the following:

  • Improved appearance It is obvious that the primary benefit of a lip enhancement procedure through lip injections is an improvement in your overall appearance. With fuller lips, you are likely to look younger and this can ultimately boost your self-esteem in social and professional setups.
  • Naturally fuller lips Products such as Juvederm fillers are excellent at achieving an extremely natural look since they contain hyaluronic acid. As mentioned earlier, this is a substance which is naturally present in your body and prevents the occurrence of bruising during the procedure. There is a natural absorption of the filler in the body and the fullness of the lips can be maintained with replacement after approximately every 6 months.
  • Treats aging signs Lip injections have an additional benefit for those who wish to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines that develop in the mouth area due to factors like smoking and natural aging. With lip injections, you have naturally fuller lips and this fullness helps tighten the skin around your lips. Hence, your mouth looks firmer and more youthful because wrinkles and fines lines are reduced. There are numerous smokers who end up developing severe wrinkles in the mouth area over a period of time. Poor circulation in the area leads to premature aging and the early appearance of wrinkles. Lip injections with fillers are an effective solution for minimizing these wrinkles.
  • Minimal side effects Hyaluronic acid fillers rarely cause any side effects and/or allergic reactions in patients.
  • Customization An exciting benefit of the lip injection based lip enhancement procedure is that you can customize the treatment on the basis of your specific needs. For instance, you might decide to plump up or redefine only the lower lip or add volume to only one specific lip area. You can discuss a variety of different treatment options when working with a trained and experienced injector and get the best results.