Lower Face Dermal Filler


Your choice of our most popular fillers hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm, RHA2, RHA3, Belotero or Versa. These beautifully soft fillers are excellent for softening marionette lines & nasolabial folds, and fine lines around the mouth.


Limit 3 syringes per person.





Add-ons total:




Not sure which filler is best for you?

No worries, a personalized consultation prior to your treatment is included to help determine which filler would be best to achieve the aesthetic goals you seek. To achieve desired results in specific areas below is an approximate amount of syringes needed for each area:

Marionette Lines – Typically 1-2 syringes needed
Nasolabial Folds- Typically 1-2 syringes needed
Fine lines around the mouth – Typically 1-2 syringes needed