Microblading Brows or Permanent Eyeliner


Your choice microblade brows or permanent eyeliner

Imagine… Beautiful brows that actually look like real hair. The treatment takes about an hour and your beautiful brows will last about 12-24 months.
Now Imagine…. not having to put on eyeliner every day or having to take it off every night! Wake up with the perfect look.

Includes a Free touch up treatment that is typically scheduled within 8 weeks of the original treatment.

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  • Our permanent makeup procedures utilize natural, metal-free pigments, micro-prong needles, and an effective numbing process to provide you with a comfortable application and beautifully natural makeup.
  • Our artists have undergone extensive training in advanced techniques such as: natural looking lip enlargements; feathering (hairstroke brows); soft, smoky, or defined designer eyeliners; scar revision; and areola pigmentation.
  • We utilize a fully disposable system, metal- and iron oxide-free natural inks, and the highest grade of topical numbing creams, which are layered on to achieve the most comfortable application available.
  • Colors stay truer and last longer. Our translucent (Semi-Permanent) colors last one to three years on average, while our opaque (Permanent) colors deliver an average of five to nine years of happiness!

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