Tretinoin with Co-Q 10


Tretinoin with Co-Q 10 – Improves the appearance of the skin, reducing roughness. Co-Q 10 promotes the production of collagen and stimulates cell renewal. Vitamin E helps to penetrate the skin. Available in following strengths: 0.025%, 0.05%, 0.1%   30g

This is a prescription product and requires a consultation with our medical practitioner. Once ordered, we will call you to schedule this free skin consultation to decide on the customized blend that would be best for your skin and to go over the best way to use this product.



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Tretinoin with Co-Q 10 is one of our Custom Script, skincare products. This cream helps to increase the production of collagen, stimulates cell renewal, and penetrates the skin. It contains Vitamin E. Tretinoin with Co-Q 10 will be available for patients to order a refill. New patients will need to schedule a consultation with our medical practitioner to discuss the product and to assess which % or dosage of ingredients would be best for their skin.


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