Weight Loss Special


Your One-Time $670 Special Pricing Includes:

Initial visit includes:

 Nutritional Guidance & Counseling customized specifically for you by our nutritionist & weight loss specialist.

 Weight Loss Blood Work Panel – Including screening for metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disorder and more.

 EKG & Blood Pressure Analysis Diagnostic tools that help us customize the best program for you.

 Tanita Scale Weight & Body Composition Baseline analysis of your fat mass, muscle mass, total body water, BMR and more.

 Physical Exam & Measurements

 Fat Burning Vitamin Injection A blend of important amino acids and vitamins that aid in stimulating the metabolism and helping your body burn fat.

 Appetite Suppressants Prescription or all natural available to help curb your appetite while you begin learning new, healthier eating habits.

 New Client Guide A book with diet protocols, tips and guidelines.Weekly emails to keep you on track

 Weekly Emails to keep you on track & Fitness Recommendations

 Unlimited access to our medical staff via phone, email or chat


Weekly Visits Include:

 Nutritional Guidance & Progress Review from our weight loss specialist

 Tanita Scale Weigh-In See for yourself a breakdown of your results compared to the previous week(s).

 Fat Burning Vitamin Injection to increase your metabolism and help achieve faster results

 Refill of Appetite-Suppressants (if applicable)

 Online Access to your results. An up to date breakdown of your weekly results online so you can view your progress from anywhere.





Initial Visit
$220 Value

Nutritional Guidance & Counseling

Weight Loss Blood Work Panel

EKG & Blood Pressure Analysis

Tanita Scale Weight & Body Composition

Physical Exam & Measurements

Fat Burning Vitamin Injection

Appetite Suppressants (Prescription or Natural)

New Client Guide

Unlimited access to our medical staff via phone, email or chat


It also includes:

10 Weekly Visits
Reduced to $45 weekly, Reg. $60

Nutritional Guidance & Progress Review

Tanita Scale Weigh-In

Fat Burning Vitamin Injection

Refill of Appetite-Suppressants (if applicable)

Online Access to your results

Unlimited access to our medical staff via phone, email or chat

You must be a new weight loss patient to redeem this special. Access to this special must be paid in full in the month of August and can be redeemed at a later date. This special is non-refundable.


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