Weight Loss Program Special


Get bikini ready by starting our Weight Loss Program for $220 and get free Calcium Pyruvate + 2 upgraded Fat Burner Vitamin Injections ($60 value)

Limit 1 per person

Weight loss at LivingYoung Center is a medically-supervised program that approaches medical weight loss from several fronts, all specifically tailored to your unique weight problems. What sets our program apart is our commitment to first finding the underlying cause of your weight gain which could be anything from unbalanced hormones, to food intolerances, or, simply, poor eating habits.

Once we know why you are gaining weight, we then can customize a program specifically to help you lose it. Under the careful guidance of our weight loss specialist, you will not only lose weight but will learn how to keep it off. Our program focuses on eating real food and making sure patients are getting all the macronutrients the body needs to function optimally. Patients not only get to their goal weight but they learn how to eat where they never feel like they are “dieting”.

We provide everything you need to lose weight; the only thing you need to do is be truly committed to losing weight. The rest is easy.



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