Weight Loss Special – 12 Weeks ‘Til Christmas



Sign Up for 12 Weekly Visits & Get the Last 4 Visits Free

Statistics show that most people gain 5-7 lbs during the holiday season. While everyone else is gaining, you could be losing (& saving)! Begin this 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge in October with the Initial Visit ($220) as a new weight loss patient and you’ll be able to lose the weight by Christmas! Continue on with 8 weekly weigh-in visits and receive the next 4 absolutely free! This special applies to new weight loss starts only.

Limit 1 per person.


Add-ons total:




Initial visit ($220) includes:

 Nutritional Guidance & Counseling customized specifically for you by our nutritionist & weight loss specialist.

 Weight Loss Blood Work Panel – Including screening for metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disorder, and more.

 EKG & Blood Pressure Analysis Diagnostic tools that help us customize the best program for you.

 Tanita Scale Weight & Body Composition Baseline analysis of your fat mass, muscle mass, total body water, BMR, and more.

 Physical Exam & Measurements

 Fat Burning Vitamin Injection A blend of important amino acids and vitamins that aid in stimulating the metabolism and helping your body burn fat.

 Appetite Suppressants Prescription or all-natural is available to help curb your appetite while you begin learning new, healthier eating habits.

 New Client Guide A book with diet protocols, tips, and guidelines.Weekly emails to keep you on track

 Weekly Emails to keep you on track & Fitness Recommendations

 Unlimited access to our medical staff via phone, email, or chat


Weekly Visits ($60/week) Include:

 Nutritional Guidance & Progress Review from our weight loss specialist

 Tanita Scale Weigh-In See for yourself a breakdown of your results compared to the previous week(s).

 Fat Burning Vitamin Injection to increase your metabolism and help achieve faster results

 Refill of Appetite-Suppressants (if applicable)

 Online Access to your results. An up-to-date breakdown of your weekly results online so you can view your progress from anywhere.