12-Week Biggest Loser Challenge Details

Open to females age 18 and over, with a BMI of 27-42%.  BMI Caluclator
We are only accept a total of 35 participants for each challenge!

Important Dates:
Registration & First Initial visit: Call to find out the start date of our next Challenge

Registration: $65
First Initial Visit: $150 (Regularly, $190) 
Weekly Visits: $55 (Regularly, $60)

To participate in the challenge you MUST register! Registering is easy, just fill out the quick form on the right. There is a $65 Registration fee, that will lock in your spot. This Challenge is open to the first 35 participants who register and qualify for our next challenge (Female, over 18, BMI between 27-42%). If you register and happen to not qualify, you will be reimbursed the full Registration fee.

First Initial Visit
You will need to schedule and have your first Initial Visit at our Seminole or Palm Harbor LivingYoung Center location. During the Initial Visit we will be going over the program details with you, perform a physical exam, EKG, blood work, blood pressure, medical history, take before photos and measurements. During this visit we will go over the rules, diet plan and discuss medication options and other supplementation. Paperwork and initial visit fee is due at this time. You will receive a t-shirt and scheduled for your First Weigh-In.

The First Weigh-In
During this visit you will get weighed in on our Tanita Scale which will give us your precise starting body composition. Throughout this challenge we will be monitoring your fat mass/percent, BMI, muscle mass and water weight. You will receive your first fat burning vitamin injection and we will answer any questions about the specifics of Phase 1 of the program. This phase is only 7 days long and is the phase that is going to jump start your body to begin burning fat!  If you are a candidate and would like to be prescribed an appetite suppressant, it will be filled during this visitAfter this appointment you will have everything you need to get started! Let the challenge & fat loss begin!

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What is the third letter of the alphabet?

Ongoing Weekly Visits
For the following 11 weeks, you will be scheduled to come in weekly. Each week we will do the Tanita scale Weigh-In to monitor your progress. You will receive your fat-burning vitamin injection, discuss the diet and refill any supplements or appetite suppressants. There will be a prize given each week for the biggest loser of that week!

The Final Weigh-In
Your final weigh in will occur on Thursday, April 5th or Friday, April 6th. There is no cost for this final Weigh-In. After the final person has weighed in, all participants’ stats will be calculated and the final winner, The Biggest Loser will be announced at 12:00 p.m. on Monday, April 9th.   During this challenge we are looking for overall body composition improvement. We will be taking into account each individuals fat loss, fat % decrease, BMI, muscle mass and measurements.

2 Important things to know:
You must be available to come in for the weekly visits, including the first and last weigh-in.
Your name & photo may be used on the website and/or social media.


Did someone say Prizes? Oh yes we did and they are GOOD!

Biggest Loser Grand Prize:
Win a 2-hour happy hour sunset tiki boat ride with a private captain, while enjoying drinks and appetizers for you and up to 8 guests that you would like to join you!!!

Second Place Biggest Loser Prize:
$150 LivingYoung Center Gift Certificate!

Third Place Biggest Loser Prize:
Super-Mic Fat-Burning Vitamin Injection Package ($100 value)

Weekly Surprise Prizes:
Throughout the challenge, you have an opportunity to win! Each week we will be giving away some awesome anti-aging or beauty treatments/products to the biggest loser of that week.

Common Biggest Loser Q & A

What if I am a current or past weight loss patient of LivingYoung, can I still participate? Yes, of course. If you are a current weight loss patient you do not need to pay the initial fee of $105, only the registration fee of $65 to get signed up. If you are a past weight loss patient you also do not need to pay the initial weight loss fee, however if it’s been a while we may need to repeat your blood work or EKG and you may pay for those items a la carte.

What happens if I miss my appointment? If you miss your appointment, try and get in another appointment during that week so we can track your progress for that week (you can’t be a weekly winner if you don’t get weighed in). If you miss a weekly visit altogether you will still be charged the $55 weekly fee.

How do I know if my BMI is between 27 and 42%? If you divide your weight in kilograms (kg) by your height in meters (m), then divide the answer by your height again, you can calculate your BMI. Or click here for a estimated BMI Calculator. If you are still unsure, you can always come in and we can give you an exact measurement.

Do I have to pay everything up front? No, you pay as you go. You will pay for your Initial First Visit of $150 during that visit. Your credit card will then be automatically charged $55 each week for the following 12 weeks.

Can I participate in the Biggest Loser Challenge if I am a current weight loss patient? Yes, absolutely. You will need to register here and pay a $65 registration fee. Your initial Visit fee will be reduced to $100. You will then pay as you go. Your credit card will be automatically charged $55 each week for the following 11 weeks.

 Do I need to take the appetite suppressants? You do not need to take the appetite suppressants to see awesome results. Appetite suppressants can help some patients with changing bad habits to good habits, but are not required. We also have different options available to help suppress the appetite, including all natural ones.

 What happens if something comes up, whereas I can no longer participate (I move, family emergency, etc.)? In the event it becomes impossible for you to continue participating in the challenge you may opt out. You will need to send in a written statement to us as to why you are no longer able to participate. Your automatic weekly payments will be discontinued within 5 days of us receiving the letter. You may still be charged that week if your date to be charged is within that 5 day period.

How will I know who is winning throughout the Challenge?
Each week we will be posting the prior weeks top 3 biggest losers on our website. We will also be noting who is holding the lead for the championship of the Biggest Loser.

Other important things to know:
Your first name and small head-shot will be used during this challenge on our website and possibly on social media.