Over 30 million adults suffer from thyroid imbalance, many in which go undiagnosed. A wide range of factors from hormone imbalances to mineral deficiencies and environmental pollutants can interfere with thyroid production, leading to health problems.

Dysfunction is Notoriously Under-Diagnosed

The American Thyroid Association estimates that as many as 60% of people with thyroid disease are not aware of it. Statistics show that women are seven times more likely than men to develop thyroid problems, facing as much as a one in five chance of developing a problem particularly during the peri-menopause years when hormones start to fluctuate.

Do these sound familiar?

Thyroid disease or dysfunction can explain a wide variety of symptoms.

  • Weight gain or inability to lose weight despite exercise and diet
  • Feeling cold all the time (when others don’t)
  • Low energy and stamina, especially in the evening
  • Memory lapses or slow/fuzzy thinking
  • Dry, thinning, itchy skin
  • Dry or brittle hair and nails
  • Hair loss
  • Irregular bowel habits
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Sudden or significant weight loss
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat
  • Sweating
  • Nervousness or irritability

Who Should Test?

  • Individuals experiencing symptoms of thyroid dysfunction
  • People with autoimmune disorders
  • Anyone with a family history of thyroid disorders

Step 1

Order test online or call to schedule to come into a LivingYoung Center to have blood drawn. If doing test at home, once the order is placed online we will send you a testing kit. Simply collect your specimen and send back using the prepaid mailing label.  We will also create a patient portal where you can easily submit your medical history to us.
Sorry this test is not available New York, Rhode Island, Maryland or New Jersey

Call 727-319-6884 to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations to have blood drawn or:

Purchase at home testing kit

Step 2

Have your Results Evaluated- Included in ordering this test is an evaluation of your results with our specializing medical practitioner. When your results come in we will contact you to set up an evaluation and send your results to your patient portal. This evaluation may be done in office or over the phone. This is where you will get insight of what your results mean and get guidance as to ways to immediately improve your health.

What is tested?

Levels of key thyroid hormones can indicate whether there is a thyroid imbalance:


Produced by the pituitary gland, TSH acts on the thyroid gland to stimulate production of the thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4).

Free T4 – Thyroxine

The predominant hormone produced by the thyroid gland, T4 is converted to its active form, T3, within cells.

Total T4 – Thyroxine

Total T4 includes both free T4 and protein-bound T4, and is an indicator of the thyroid gland’s ability to synthesize, process and release T4 into the bloodstream.

Free T3 – Triiodothyronine

T3 is the active thyroid hormone that regulates the metabolic activity of cells.

TPOab – Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

Thyroid peroxidase is an enzyme involved in thyroid hormone production. The body produces antibodies, including TPOab, that attack the thyroid gland in autoimmune thyroiditis and Hashimoto’s. Testing TPOab levels can diagnose these conditions.

Tgbn – Thyroglobulin

A protein rich in tyrosine, the residues of which when bound to iodine become the building blocks of T3 and T4. If iodine levels are low, thyroglobulin accumulates, thus high levels indicate insufficient iodine for healthy thyroid function.

I am a candidate for Thyroid Treatment, now what?

The results of your test will allow us determine what type of thyroid treatment is going to be best for you. Sometimes thyroid imbalances can be corrected with diet and natural supplementation, elevated thyroid antibodies will tell us this. In this case we will make recommendations that can help naturally correct the underlying cause of these elevated antibodies. Other times thyroid replacement is necessary. In this case, you have the option for our LivingYoung Center medical practitioners specializing in thyroid function to manage your thyroid.

What is the cost for Thyroid Management?

There is a monthly therapy cost of $95. This includes management of your thyroid, all follow up lab evaluations (via phone or in person) and prescription medication shipped directly to your home.

Other cost not included is follow up blood work. Follow up blood work is done approximately 8-12 weeks after starting therapy and then every 3-6 months thereafter. Pricing for follow up bloodwork varies. 

Are you interested in schedule a blood draw at one of our convenient locations? Ready to get started? Have more questions? Contact us!