Middle-age weight gain just doesn’t seem fair. As if getting older isn’t bad enough, along with aging comes an extra 10, 20 or more pounds that just won’t go away no matter how much we diet or exercise. As a result, women often give up on trying to lose their stubborn fat.

At this stage of life, it’s not so much about dieting and exercise (although these are important). Middle-age weight gain is a direct result of the body’s hormones becoming unbalanced. Hormone production naturally decreases with age, but not all hormone levels drop at the same rate. For example, progesterone levels fall significantly by the time a woman reaches perimenopause or menopause. This progesterone deficiency is largely responsible for the “middle-aged paunch.” Progesterone is the #1 hormone for lowering insulin levels, the hormone that creates fat right around the middle.

When we’re young, hormones work synergistically and harmoniously to keep the body running efficiently. This synergy and balance is upset as hormone levels change during aging. The result is flabby abdomens, loss of muscle tone, moodiness and all the other unwelcome signs of aging.  Unbalanced hormones (as well as other issues) can make you fat and keep you there.

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy is a Solution

Bio-identical hormone therapy is one way to restore hormonal harmony. If you are unhappy with the symptoms of aging, specifically middle-age weight gain, it would be worthwhile to get tested  If your hormones are found to be out of whack, hormone therapy can return hormones to optimal levels.  LivingYoung offers a complimentary consultation with our Hormone Specialist to give you complete information about this test and Bio-identical Hormone Therapy. It could all the difference in how you feel for the rest of your life.