About our Program


Weight loss at LivingYoung Center is a medically-supervised program that approaches medical weight loss from several fronts, all specifically tailored to your unique weight problems. What sets our program apart is our commitment to first finding the underlying cause of your weight gain which could be anything from unbalanced hormones, to food intolerances, or, simply, poor eating habits.

Once we know why you are gaining weight, we then can customize a program specifically to help you lose it. Under the careful guidance of our weight loss specialist, you will not only lose weight, but will learn how to keep it off through a combination of consultation, medication, and education. We provide everything you need to lose weight; the only thing you need to do is be truly committed to losing weight. The rest is easy.

How our Program works


In your first visit you will sit down with our Weight Loss Specialist to review your medical history, have blood drawn, and undergo an EKG and physical exam.  An important part of this first visit is having your body composition analyzed to establish a baseline for the ratio of muscle and fat inside your body. This data is obtained from measurements obtained from our Tanita Body Composition Monitor.  This analysis also provides other useful date such as Total Body Water, Visceral Fat Rating and Basal Metabolic Rate. Knowing your body composition gives us a complete picture of your fitness level, allowing us to design an effective diet and exercise plan tailored specifically for you.

After reviewing your medical history and test results, our physician may prescribe medication to suppress your appetite and eliminate cravings. You will also receive a MIC injection.  This is a highly-absorbable combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids your body needs to maintain energy and stimulate fat-burning.  You will receive guidance for a healthy eating regiment so you’ll not only know what to eat, but why.  At your first visit, you’ll receive a copy of our informative Weight Loss Guide Booklet. This guide is designed to keep you motivated and on-track during your weight loss journey.

During the course of the program, you will come in once a week so that we can closely monitor your weight loss progress. Weekly visits take about 15-20 minutes and include a weigh-in, body fat analysis, blood pressure check, a MIC injection, renewal of your appetite suppressant prescription and progress review to make sure you’re losing weight as expected. If not, our weight loss practitioner may recommend tests to pinpoint the reason your weight loss has plateaued. Plateaus often indicate an underlying imbalance in the body, Various factors such as thyroid and adrenal function play a role in how your body burns fat. That’s why we utilize the results of comprehensive blood  tests to analyze your endocrine and hormonal levels. Any imbalances in these systems can inhibit fat burning. Our Hormone Specialist can restore these systems to optimal levels so that weight loss may proceed at a healthy pace.

We also investigate whether inflammation caused by a food sensitivity is responsible for your weight gain. Our Food Sensitivity Test is a simple blood test that examines changes in white blood cell counts in response to 450 different foods, chemicals, herbs, anti-inflammatory agents and antibiotics. Vitamin deficiencies and other factors can also impede weight loss.  Our job is to find out why your body isn’t burning fat as it should, and that’s a job we take very seriously.

As you may already know from experience, constant low calorie dieting just doesn’t work. It simply leads to muscle loss at the same time as — or even before — fat loss. Throughout your program we measure and monitor percentages of your body’s fat, muscle and water.  Real weight loss occurs when your body fat percent goes down, leaving muscle as is. Getting your body to burn fat, rather than muscle, is the primary goal of our program.

You will also learn how your metabolism works. Its efficiency is dependent upon many different systems in your body. We specialize in metabolism optimization and create custom caloric and macronutrient recommendations specifically for your metabolism. In our program you will learn to eat enough of the right food at the right time.


What to expect during your visits

The key to a successful weight loss plan is to have your body preferentially burn fat for energy while sparing muscle.


How fast will I lose weight?

We describe our Weight Loss Program as being “safe, sensible and effective.” It is not a crash program and we can’t help you if you need to lose 40 pounds by next weekend. But we can help you if a) you are committed to losing weight safely, for the long term, and b) you follow the program guidelines which include making changes in your relationship with food.

At the end of your first week, after your body has been in ketosis, you might be delighted to see that you’ve dropped 5, or even 10 pounds. After the first week, the weight loss is more gradual and a safe average is about 2 pounds per week.

So “how fast” you lose ultimately depends on how much you need to lose. On average, our clients lose around 20 pounds in 10 weeks.

As the fat falls off, you will not only look better, but more importantly feel better overall. Your progress will create a domino effect that will spark powerful and lasting improvements in all phases of your life. Just start imagining how it’ll be to enjoy improved sleep, more energy, reduced cravings, and smaller size clothes. With your imagination and our know-how, your lasting weight loss can become a reality.

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Reading food labels


Understanding how to read the nutritional labels on products is very important. Labels can often be misleading and trick you into eating something that “appears” healthy. Looking at the ingredient list can often tell you if the food item is ok or if it should be avoided.


In this video, Carissa gives you 5 tips on reading nutrition labels.