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Biostimulatory body treatments are a new, surgical-free option to significantly improve the appearance of loose, crepey skin in many areas of the body.

Recent innovations in treatment show that when Radiesse is hyper-diluted (mixed with saline and lidocaine to thin it out) and injected superficially under aging skin, it acts as a bio-stimulating agent, rather than a volumizer. At LivingYoung, we are excited to announce that we are one of the first clinics in the area to offer this pretty incredible treatment.

The skin rejuvenating effects from this treatment are pronounced and visible, with collagen and elastin production starting as early as 4 weeks after injection. This results in long-term skin tightening with progressive natural dermal thickening. This means that fine lines, crepiness, and skin laxity are reduced. The tone, elasticity, and pliability of skin are markedly improved.

Hyper-diluted Radiesse can also be used to treat cellulite. By injecting hyper-diluted Radiesse into areas with moderate to severe cellulite, the skin is plumped out, reducing the appearance of dimpling.

Before now, correcting a lot of these areas of concern on the body required invasive surgery and downtime. Now, these Biostimulatory Radiesse Body treatment gives you a safer, surgical-free option with little to no downtime. Plus, in most areas, a microcannula can be used, further reducing potential bruising and downtime, along with improving safety even further.

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Commonly treated areas

Arm Treatment

Thanks to time and gravity, the upper arm’s visible signs of aging – loss of tone, elasticity, and undesirable flaccidity — are impossible to correct with exercise alone. Radiesse Body can improve these concerns by restoring lost volume (instant results) and by stimulating collagen and elastin production (long-lasting benefits) resulting in smoother, younger-looking arms.

Chest Treatment

Chest/Decolletage: Crepey, thin skin, vertical lines (especially worse in the morning if you are a side-sleeper) and sun damage are especially common on the chest. Plus the decolletage is one of the most difficult areas to stimulate collagen production on. Well, not anymore! Radiesse Body can improve skin elasticity, texture AND allow you to get back into your V-neck tees in no time.

Butt Augmentation

Until recently, invasive surgery was the only way to go if you desired lift or contour to your backside. Now Radiesse Body offers a safer, non-surgical approach to improve the appearance and shape of the buttocks. Oh, and did we mention that this treatment also simultaneously treats stubborn cellulite in this area as well? It’s a win-win-win-win when you get lifting, smoothing, shaping, and cellulite removal all in one treatment.

Above the Knee Treatment

Wrinkly and crepey skin above the kneecap can make your legs look older, no matter how much you work them out or try to tone them. This treatment is a simple solution. It will not only tighten the skin around the knee but also restore a natural, smooth-looking appearance.

Neck Treatment

A crepey, sun-damaged neck can quickly give away a person’s age. Yes, surgery could help tighten the skin by pulling it back and while it may look tighter, the skin will still appear aged and damaged. Well, now there is a solution for this too! Not only does Radiesse Body provide a non-surgical option, but it effectively tightens the skin, while also improving skin texture and quality.


How quickly will I see the results & how long will they last?

The results are immediate initially, however, the process of collagen synthesis is just that, a process. Studies have shown that new collagen may occur as early as 4 weeks after injection, but maximal increases in collagen Types I and III were seen about 4 months after the treatment. To achieve the optimal aesthetic outcome, usually 1 to 2 treatment sessions are generally required during the first year, with maintenance treatments only once every 12-18 months thereafter.

Is there downtime?

Before now, correcting a lot of these areas of concern on the body required invasive surgery and downtime. Now Biostimulatory Radiesse Body treatments can give you a safer, surgical-free option with little to no downtime. There can be some bruising, swelling, and mild discomfort after treatment, however, most clients tolerate this treatment very well. Plus, in most areas, a microcannula can be used, further reducing potential bruising.

How much does the treatment cost?

Prices vary depending on the area of the body and the size of the desired treatment area. Receive individualized recommendations and price quotes during a complimentary consultation. You can call to schedule an appointment.

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