Laser Hair Removal is the most advanced technique for permanent hair removal. It uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology to produce permanent, painless results. The IPL is a full spectrum light which is delivered through a handpiece into the skin to target the pigmented hair follicle cells. These hair follicles become destroyed, permanently. The treatment is fast, affordable and if there is any discomfort, it is minor.

Laser Hair Removal works anywhere on the body on both men and women where you have unwanted hair. It is routinely used for removing hair from underarms, legs, chest, back, upper lip, chin,and bikini area. We also do brazilian hair removal.

You will be treated by a a licensed laser technician that has many years of experience in hair removal procedures.  Watch Movie

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Some compare a laser hair removal treatment to getting gently snapped by a rubber band. Compared to the old methods of electrolysis or waxing, laser hair removal is relatively painless. And the results are permanent.     You will lie comfortably while the laser technician applies the intense pulsed light through a handpiece, moving the handpiece across the area to be targeted. It is a fast procedure. For example, underarms take about 8 minutes.

On average, it takes 8 treatments to permanently remove all the hair in a targeted area. Treatments are scheduled about 7 weeks apart. Here’s why: Hair follicles mature at different times. Each treatment will destroy those hair follicles that are mature and producing hair at the time of treatment.

Therefore, it is important once you begin a hair removal treatment plan, to keep your scheduled appointments. If you miss an appointment, those hair follicles that are maturing will be missed, which may result in additional treatments at the end.

After your Laser Hair Removal treatment you want to keep the treated area as clean as possible. We recommend you avoid working out or doing any activities where you will sweat for at least 6 hours after treatment. Avoid sun exposure for minimally 7 days after treatment as photosensitivity may be increased as a result of treatment. Avoid using any exfoliating skin care products for 2 days after treatment, including Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids, Retin A, and chemical peels.

After you complete the series of recommended treatments (typically 9), we will guarantee no hair regrowth in the treated area for two years from the date of your first appointment, as long as you have kept your regularly scheduled appointments. If hair does regrow in the treated area during the guarantee period, we’ll re-treat any additional hair growth at no charge. Touch ups after the 2 year period will be at 75% off paid price for that area treated.

This applies to all treated areas with the exception of the chin and upper lip for women. Hormonal changes in the body due to pregnancy, menopause and aging may trigger dormant hair follicles to be stimulated into growth. In this area, if additional treatments are necessary after the series of 8 is completed, you will be charged a discounted rate of $40 per treatment.

Remember, it takes an average of 9 treatments spread out about 8-9 weeks apart to permanently reduce hair from an area. The following prices are per treatment and you may pay as you go.

Underarms $75
Bikini $75
Legs (lower leg) $145
Inner Thighs $75
Back of Thighs $75
Full Back $185
Arms $95
Upper Lip and Chin $65
Brazilian $105
Other areas per consultation

Once you have completed 9 treatments on schedule, if any additional treatment is needed you will you will receive 75% discount and any additional touch-up treatments (up to 3 years). See our guarantee for more details. The best value is received when you combine two or more areas to be treated together, just ask!