Chest or Neck Rejuvenation Package


Crepey, lax skin in the chest and neck area is a thing of the past! Turn back time with the combination of these two amazing rejuvenation treatments.

This incredible dual treatment provides the best of both worlds! Microtox treatment will create almost immediate results while the Bio-stimulatory treatment creates long-lasting improvement in the skin’s integrity and laxity for years to come. It’s a WIN-WIN!


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Bio-Stimulatory Treatment using Radiesse Body is a treatment to stimulate the body’s own elastin and collagen helping the skin to improve its own laxity over time tightening the skin for years to come, reducing further signs of aging. Results are seen as early as 4 weeks and they typically peak at month 4 (four). Stability is achieved at month 9 (nine), meaning the results you still see at month nine is the new you! It is the long-term, persistent new collagen that you get to keep. Two treatments are typical, though severe sun damage may require more. We use a cannula during treatment which can minimize bruising and pain significantly. Swelling is not usual for these areas of treatment.

Microtox Treatment is an amazing treatment using hyper-diluted neurotoxins such as Botox, Xeomin, or Jeuveau. When hyper-diluted and injected just beneath the skin’s surface, this product can shrink pores and improves the skin’s elasticity, and reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and creases in as little as two weeks!