Cheek Contouring Treatment: 2 Syringes for $1300 (reg. $1550)


When we lose volume and collagen in the cheeks, it gives the skin nowhere to go but south. This can emphasize tired looking under eyes, create more shadowing, folds, and wrinkles, and lessen the look of smooth contoured mid and lower face.  

Our Lift & Contour Dermal Filler collection can help restore volume to the cheeks and offer a restored, more youthful appearance. Most need 2 syringes of this dermal filler to restore full volume but some can benefit from additional syringes depending on the amount of volume loss that has occurred. This line of fillers can last upwards to 12-24 months and can also stimulate your own body’s collagen production.  

This special includes two syringes of Lift & Contour Dermal Filler. Both syringes must be used in the same treatment. You may purchase up to 4 syringes at this price.  

Purchase limit 2 per person 


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