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Stubborn fat. No matter what you do, this is fat that’s totally resistant to diet and exercise. We sincerely believe that if we just work out a little longer and harder … if we just eat more low-calorie diet foods … then we can lose that stubborn fat that seems to love the belly and thighs the most. However, when it comes to stubborn fat it’s important to look at the big picture which includes more than exercising harder and eating less. Here are 5 weight gain causes that you’ve probably never considered.

Stubborn fat may be caused by other factors you may never suspect, particularly:

• Hormonal imbalance
• Micronutrient deficiencies
• Food additives
• Thyroid problems
• Birth Control

1. Hormonal Imbalances

It just seems to be a fact of life: the older we get, the wider we get. The other fact of life is that as we age, the body’s production of hormones decreases.  For men, decreases in testosterone cause these unwelcome changes: loss of muscle tone, weight gain, feeling tired, weak, irritable and unmotivated.  As women lose estrogen, flabby abdomens appear along with loss of muscle tone. Progesterone is another hormone whose deficiency is responsible for the middle-age paunch. Hormone deficiencies are just one of the 5 weight gain causes.

LivingYoung Center specializes in Hormone Testing for Men and Hormone Testing for Women which can either confirm or rule out that hormonal deficiencies are at the root of your weight gain.

2. Micronutrient Deficiencies

Micronutrient deficiencies can occur at any age and are closely associated with poor nutrition. Yet, most people never consider that a lack of Vitamin B12 or a deficiency in iron (as well as many other nutrients) could be responsible for weight gain. The sad part is micronutrient deficiency is a widespread problem and getting worse, mostly due to today’s eating habits.

People like to blame weight gain on “slow” metabolism, never questioning why their metabolism is sluggish. Metabolism is a collection of chemical reactions that takes place in the body’s cells. It converts the food we eat into the energy needed to power everything we do, from moving to thinking to growing. Each of the body’s micronutrients plays a specific and crucial role in maintaining a healthy metabolism. A deficiency in just one of them, B12 for example, causes fatigue which causes us to be less active, thus sabotaging our best intentions to be fit and active.

How in the world are you to guess which micronutrient might be causing you to gain weight unexpectedly or creating those stubborn pockets of fat?  LivingYoung’s Micronutrient Test is one sure way to find out.

3. Food Additives

Years ago, Dupont Chemical had as its slogan “Better Living Through Chemistry”. That’s about the same time that all kinds of chemicals began showing up in food.  Today it’s fairly difficult to find food on grocery store shelves that doesn’t have a list of 10 or more ingredients, many of them preservatives, or colorants, or artificial sweeteners. These are all chemical additives, some of which are harmless, others which are toxic if overly consumed. One such additive is aspartame, a sweetener that shows up often on food labels, especially diet beverages. Find out why aspartame found in many so-called diet drinks can actually cause weight gain.

As far as chemical additives in food goes, Dupont had it all wrong. That certainly hasn’t led to better living.

Read nutrition labels. This is the best way to know what additives are in the food you buy.

4. Thyroid Problems

Thyroid hormones, made in the thyroid gland, control how your body uses food for energy. They affect your metabolism rate, heart, muscles, liver. In fact, thyroid hormones affect just about every body part as they zip around the body through the bloodstream.  An insufficient amount of thyroid hormone leads to a disease known as hypothyroidism. Similarly, too much of this hormone causes hyperthyroidism. Both of these conditions are related to weight issues. Hypothyroidism significantly slows the rate of metabolism, resulting in weight gain. On the other hand, hyperthyroidism may also cause weight gain, but in some cases produces unexplained weight loss, no matter how much is eaten. Both these conditions affect women more than men and the only way to know for sure if the thyroid is causing your weight issues is to take LivingYoung’s Thyroid Test. Fortunately, thyroid problems are for the most part easily fixed, but not until you know for sure that’s what the problem is. You may never have given a thought to thyroid imbalance as one of the 5 causes of weight gain. But it often is.

5. Birth Control

The synthetic hormone, progestin, is one of the main ingredients of oral contraceptives, birth control injections and even in some intrauterine devices. Any birth control therapy that contains synthetic hormones changes your biochemistry hormone profile into one of a late perimenopause or menopausal woman. For many, that means weight gain and all the other risks and issues associated with older women.

There’s a huge difference between bio-identical hormones and synthetic ones and at LivingYoung we focus only on bio-identical hormone replacement.

Stubborn Fat is Preventable and Removable

If diet and exercise have failed to get rid of stubborn fat, one of these 5 weight gain causes may be the reason why. At LivingYoung Center we have the tools, tests and know-how to pinpoint the cause of your stubborn fat. We are committed to successful weight loss for everyone who comes to us with weight problems. Our practitioners leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the source of weight gain for our clients.. Once we determine the source, we can definitely help you find a long-lasting solution.

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