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Today was Trish’s first visit to LivingYoung Center. The goal for this visit was to learn more about Trish and to put together a game plan for her makeover. After our conversation, we decided on numerous aesthetic services including a series of 3 IPL Photofacial treatment, a Xeomin Treatment to soften and soon eliminate some of the lines around her eyes and forehead, Dermal fillers to help lift and contour some of the volume that has been lost with age, Microneedling treatment to help tighten skin and a HydraFacial treatment at the end to polish, hydrate and make her skin glow!

In addition to these aesthetic treatments, we are having Trish meet with Aubrey Phillips PA-C to discuss why she is feeling the way she is feeling. Trish has been through a lot with all of her cancer treatments and can’t seem to get the energy that she used to have back. Trish will be working very closely with Aubrey to discover the root cause of her fatigue and other symptoms she has. Based on their plan, Trish may be doing some specialized testing to find the root cause, such as Hormone Testing, Food Sensitivity Testing, Micronutrient Testing.

We are so excited to begin this makeover! Stay tuned 🙂

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