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7-Day Cleanse

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We live in an increasingly toxic world. We eat processed food loaded with chemical preservatives. Many of the foods we eat are grown in soils tainted by pesticides. We breathe air fouled by smoke, and industrial and automotive pollutants. We absorb toxins handling everyday items like cleaning products and the receipts we get when shopping. Whether consumed, inhaled or absorbed, toxins build up over time in the body.

This product comes with free shipping.

B12 Vitamin Methylcobalamin


Call to schedule an injection at one of our locations or order a 10mL vile online and have it shipped directly to your home. If it’s your first time ordering this product, we will call you (typically within 48 hours) to have or schedule a free consultation with one of our medical professionals regarding this product. We will be able to confirm you are a proper candidate for this product and will be available to answer all of your questions you have. To expedite shipment of your product you may call our office directly once your order is placed and let us know that you would like to schedule a consultation regarding the product you just purchased.

Each online order includes 10 syringes for administration. Typical dosage is 1mL per week. Must be refrigerated.

Please note:This product requires a free phone consultation before it will be shipped.


Food Sensitivity test

$850.00 $745.00
Rated 5.00 out of 5

This is the most advanced Comprehensive food sensitivity test available in the US. Included in your purchase is the testing kit, blood draw (mobile phlebotomy may be additional), laboratory testing fees and an evaluation with our medical specialist. Once this order is placed we will contact you to schedule your blood draw. To expedite this process, you are welcome to call our office to schedule 727-319-6884.


Gut Health Testing


Most diseases in the body begin in the gut. Digestive disorders, leaky gut, stomach pains are all signs of a system out of whack, leading to  poor absorption of essential nutrients, inflammation and a compromised immune system. You need to schedule an appointment at our facility when you purchase this product.


Hormone Testing Female


Hormone depletion is one of the reasons women gain weight as they age. Female hormone testing is one way to either affirm or eliminate hormones as the source of weight gain. If affirmed, our hormone specialists can recommend steps you can take to re-balance hormones and regain your figure. To purchase this test, you need to schedule an appointment at our facility.


Hormone Testing Male


As testosterone levels diminish with age, many male characteristics also disappear: stamina, muscle mass and a strong libido. In their place comes weight gain and weakness. Testosterone replacement is not only a simple fix, but a manhood revitalizer.  To purchase this test, you need to schedule an appointment at our facility.

Laser Hair Removal Special


You choose the area: Bikini, underarm, chin & lip or other small areas. Only $60 per treatment per area. Typically 8 treatments are necessary for optimal hair removal. Treatments are scheduled approximately 7 weeks apart. Don’t worry, you do not have to let your hair grow out, you may shave your hair in between treatments.