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When it comes to making decisions about how and where we are going to invest in our skincare, more often than not people will write off injectable treatments, like Botox, as too expensive before they get a chance to learn about what that price includes. Botox and fillers can be priced by the syringe, vial, treatment or number of units injected.

Because there are so many different ways to measure the amount of Botox used in each treatment, and it varies from practice to practice, it makes knowing how many units you will need for each treatment area even more confusing. Luckily, there is a general consensus for the number of average units needed for each treatment area, making it a little easier to estimate how much you will be paying for your Botox.

What is Botox?

Botox is a botulinum Toxin A injectable that contains a neuromodulator that temporarily blocks the signals between your nerves and muscles in the injection site and is used to treat wrinkles and fine lines. Lines on the forehead, between and around the eyes, or by the mouth are created because of the dynamic movement that takes place in these areas. The neurotoxin in Botox weakens the muscle contractions causing the treatment area to relax.

Humans are full of emotions, and we are constantly showing them on our faces, but long after the laughter or crying has passed, the wrinkles created in those moments remain. Botox doesn’t erase our ability or inclinations to emote, it simply allows us to do so while restoring youth to our faces. 

How Many Units of Botox should I get?

When it comes to determining the number of Botox units one will get, it is important to note that there are different considerations that play into this number. The severity of your wrinkles, if it is your first time receiving Botox, and what your aesthetic desires are, all contribute to the number of units your provider will suggest you receive. Much like any other medical or aesthetic treatment, the number of units needed will vary from person to person.


If it is your first time getting Botox it will be recommended that you start with a smaller dose of injections. For the forehead, 20 units is the typical number. There are five injection sites that will receive four units each. Once you have completed your first appointment and are ready to head back for maintenance, you can expect to receive anywhere from 10-30 units.

Crow’s Feet

Sometimes called “laugh lines”, crow’s feet are the lateral lines that develop on the outside corners of your eyes. As you age, they become more visible. Treating crow’s feet with Botox typically requires 10-15 units around the outside of each eye. This totals up to around 20-30 units total.

Frown Lines

Frown lines are the deep creases that form between your eyebrows. They are sometimes called “11s” because of the way they perfectly resemble two ones right next to each other. The severity of frown lines varies from person to person and can be more aggressive for some people at a younger age than others. For these lines, 25 units of Botox are generally suggested.

Botox Results and Recovery

There is no downtime required for Botox and treatment can be done in as little as 15 minutes. Patients are advised to wait 24 hours before engaging in strenuous activities. It is also recommended that you do not touch, massage, or lay on the treatment site for at least 5 hours to ensure that the injections remain in the correct placements.

On average, it takes anywhere from 5-12 days for the full effects of Botox to become noticeable, and these results can last for 3-5 months. There is no need to worry about a sudden change in your appearance because the effects will gradually fade over time but can be maintained by scheduling future appointments.

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