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It’s one of our favorite treatments because it gives patients immediate results. Dermal Fillers restore lost volume, smooth contours, enhance certain features and reverse the signs of aging. It can easily take 5 to 10 years off a person’s face. I love injecting Dermal Fillers because I love seeing the look of delight on my younger-looking patients’ faces! I also love injecting Dermal Fillers because I am really good at it.

Why do people hesitate about getting Dermal Fillers?

The #1 thing my patients say who are about to get Dermal Fillers is, “I want it to look natural.” Fear of an undesired outcome is one reason patients may be hesitant. Let me tell you the story of a woman I’ll call Susan who came to see me last week. It is a story I hear quite often. Susan used to get Dermal Fillers in her nasolabial folds (smile lines) from another practitioner. But she hadn’t done so in years because she hadn’t liked the results. She even said she thought the filler made her face look like a chipmunk. She confided in me that now those lines were bothering her so much, that perhaps getting another chipmunk look might be better! This is a perfect example of the results clients get when the injector is simply “line chasing.” Line chasing often results in undesired outcomes and is due to the lack of the practitioner’s skill and artistry.

During our consultation, I knew what she really needed was to restore the lost volume in her cheeks which would indirectly lift the skin and lessen the depth of her smile lines. Then, if it was still needed I could soften the smile lines directly. This approach would address the face as a whole and achieve the best, most natural outcome. She felt confident and we got right to work.  Her end result was a natural, youth-restoring look and she was delighted. I sure love injecting Dermal Fillers!

All practitioners are not the same

Often people may hesitate about getting Dermal Fillers because they have no idea what filler to ask for. (There are many different kinds.) Many do all kinds of research about the various filler products, but a skilled Dermal Filler practititoner is your best guide. Choosing the right filler depends on the area of the face being treated and the aesthetic goals of the patient. At LivingYoung, consultations are always free and you can trust my recommendations. 

That being said, the choice of filler is only of secondary importance. The real concern you should have is about the experience and the qualifications of the person who will be injecting.  Almost any practitioner can take a weekend course to learn the basics of injecting filler and do what the name entails: “fill” lines. You don’t want a line chaser turning you into a chipmunk!

At LivingYoung, our practitioners are thoroughly trained in holistic techniques that provide a full face approach that restores volume, smooths contours and enhances features naturally.  I take great pride in my holistic perspective and know that the goal is to achieve harmony of facial features for the most natural-looking aesthetic results. I am also proud of having made hundreds of Dermal Filler clients ecstatic. No wonder I love injecting Dermal Fillers. To understand and appreciate my love and excitement about dermal fillers even more,  view some before and after photos of actual LivingYoung Center filler clients.

Hesitate no longer …

Whether you are a potential new client or you have been coming to us for years, we love educating you on your treatment options. Call 727-319-6884 now to reserve your complimentary consultation time and you will be one step closer to looking as good as you feel!

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